Sam Foreman Glass

Sam Foreman is a glass maker and designer currently living in Boulder, Colorado. He has spent the past seven years working and teaching at the Pittsburgh Glass Center where he has the opportunity to work with accomplished glass artists from around the world. With an intrinsic design in mind the artist finds it important that the glass serve a purpose and have function. While fascinated with nature like many artists, living on a mountain overlooking the city of Pittsburgh influenced an architectural aesthetic into his recent body of work. Currently specializing in custom pendant lighting, awards, vases, bowls, sculptures and decanters. The artist all so has the ability to create large glass sculptures and installations to fit any space. His undergraduate work at Lycoming College introduced him to various media and provided opportunities to work in many different studios to explore his relationship with art and art history. Sam's work is saturated with pastel colors and has an articulated unique line, form and texture that embrace the city and hills he was raised in.